Bruce Rohn/Fiddle & Vocals

Bruce grew up in a small town on the Arrow Lakes, in the southwest area of BC. He learned to play mandolin & fiddle doing local churches & community gatherings. Bruce moved to Calgary in the early 70's & took up banjo & electric guitar, playing in various bands and started full time in 1976 in Whitehorse, Yukon. He soon migrated into various top-40 & show bands for the next 28 yrs doing country, bluegrass, rock, swing & original tunes.

   The last 4-5 yrs has him going back to his acoustic roots, studying flat picking & fiddle. His multi-instrumentalist talents are a large part of who PE is!

Prairie's edge     is

Boh Woodward/Bass

Boh has been playing music almost all of his life, starting with Hawaiian guitar, a brief stint with electric guitar & then primarily acoustic since his teens. With an interest for most stringed instruments, Boh recently found a 1940 5-stirng Kay bass & has been hooked ever since. He has been jamming with the PE boys for the past 2 yrs and has finally been asked to join the band and quit skulking. Boh is a great multi-instrumentalist as well, & we're proud to have him on board!

Brian Fukushima/Banjo

Brian, the newest member to the band starting in 2015, was born and raised as a farm boy in southern Alberta.  He had many musical influences, but really only discovered Bluegrass within the last 4 years.
After seeing banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck in concert, he concluded that “I want to be able to do that”.  In the process of discovering that it wasn’t humanly possible to “be able to do that”, he fell in love with Bluegrass.  Before taking up the banjo, Brian was primarily a guitar player, but has really enjoyed picking up the banjo and mandolin.  
Brian is thrilled to be a  part of Prairie’s Edge, and really appreciates the teamwork that is required to have that tight Bluegrass sound.

Gord Armstrong/Guitar & Vocals 

Gord is the newest member of PE .

A previous member of Tragically Hick, he brings a wealth of talent on the guitar, as well as lead vocal and any stack of harmonies.

Bill Jackson/Mandolin & Vocals

Bill originates from Toronto and says "Bluegrass hit me right between the ears" in his early thirties. Not long after, the likes of Seldom Scene, John Hartford, Tony Rice, Country Gazette & many thereafter took his musical soul. From Tradgrass to Newgrass to Dawgrass, he played the upright in assorted bands. When he moved to Calgary in 2008, he picked up the mandolin & in 2011 joined PE. He loves the honest, dynamic and acoustic sounds that Bluegrass offers. His high, lonesome tenors and "Monroesque" licks are part of PE's unique sound.